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Our word is final!
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Forum Rules 04/01/13

Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:13 pm

Forum Rules for Members & Moderators

Please Note:
Maternal reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to any part of these forums. If you violate any of the rules stated in this document a moderator/administrator has the power to remove the offending message and may send you a note letting you know why action was taken. It is your responsibility to maintain a current, valid email address in your registration information so that our moderators can contact you in the event of a policy violation. Any member who refuses to comply with the policies of these forums will be banned permanently.

The moderators are not always able to read every single message that is posted on the forum. We ask you, therefore, to observe the rules and if you spot any other members breaching the rules - or placing messages that you don't feel are appropriate - please let us know and we'll take steps to remove any messages that we feel offend and to warn those concerned.

*These rules are subject to change without notice.

1. Respect ALL Members:
* Always conduct yourself professionally and treat others with respect. Any posts deemed abusive, disrespectful, containing offensive language or defamatory of another person, business or entity will be either edited or removed and the person responsible will be notified and a formal warning may be issued.

* Arguments and or grievances about outside social networking sites and meet ups ie. MSN, tinychat, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc are strictly NOT allowed and are to be worked out privately and dealt with away from the Maternal Forum.

* We are aware that members of Maternal are often also members of other forums. Please do not bring controversy from those forums onto Maternal. Please do not encourage each other to go to other forums to post in controversial threads. This reflects badly on Maternal and it's members. Any threads of this nature WILL be deleted and the member warned.

2. No Cyber Bullying
* If you feel you have become the target of humiliation, cyber bullying, deliberate exclusion, personal attacks or belittling, by an individual or a group, contact the moderators and it will be investigated further. We have zero tolerance on these matters!

3. No Trolls and Trolling:
* A post, thread or comment that is solely intended to incite controversy, conflict or cause annoyance or offence is considered "trolling". This includes personal attacks, a repeat of previous points/posts and or an emotional outburst. This rule is to be taken very seriously. Threads may be locked and or deleted without consultation and formal warnings may be issued to offending parties. Our word is final on these matters.

4. Stay Within the Law:
* Maternal does not allow any illegal activities on its forum. You cannot use the forum to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material or information.This also includes links to illegal websites that enable you to download music, movies, TV shows etc for free.

* Do not upload files or post messages that contain photos, software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. Maternal is not responsible for any use of anything you say or post in its forum. Anyone that is proven to not be genuine in their advertising and posting will have their account deactivated and will be banned.

5. Advertising:

* Members wishing to advertise in the Maternal Members Market must have 100 posts or greater.

* Authorised advertising is to be in the Maternal Members Market section ONLY. We class authorised as a private business ie. crafts made at home by members or a commercial business run by a member with 100+ posts . Anything other than this and that we deem inappropriate will be seen as spam and will be deleted.

* Members that would like to advertise their business in their signatures are advised to post in the Maternal Members Market section first and then link the signatures to this thread instead and not to an outside link. Outside links include business websites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

* Members are invited to attach their website to their profile via their profile in the User Control Panel if they wish. This can be done via the User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Profile > Enter Address into Website bar > Submit.

6. Using the Services of Members on Maternal (including the Trading Post):
* Members assume all responsibility where they provide bank details or moneys for goods or services provided by other members. Maternal will not be held responsible for any moneys that go missing or any problems members may encounter.

7. Posting in Assisted Conception Section:
* BEFORE Posting in Assisted Conception - If you have decided to utilise a donor to assist in your dream of having a child, or if you are donor, are considering donating, or are in the process of donating, please note the following:

Currently this forum DOES NOT allow posts or links that advertise for donors or recipients. You are welcome to seek support, exchange experiences and discuss issues. However, please be aware that this forum will be closely moderated and any post which is considered to be advertising will be removed by the Moderator Team.

8. Warnings and Bans:
* At anytime, if members are in breach of the board rules, they will receive a warning. After 3 warnings, a ban will be imposed. The length of the ban may vary and is entirely at the Moderators discretion. Warnings may be removed, one at a time only, if a member has been on "good behaviour" for at least 12 months; otherwise, warnings will not expire. If Moderators feel that a warning is insufficient, this system will be bypassed and an immediate ban will be given.

* Moderators do not need to give explanations as to why members have been given bans, warnings and why threads/posts have been deleted or locked. If you have problems with the moderators please pm them personally. Do not start threads questioning our decisions as they will be deleted.

9. Tickers, Signatures and Avatars:
* To be fair to all members of this forum, we ask that everyone use common sense and consideration when creating their tickers and or signatures as large ones can create problems for some members especially those with slower internet. If you have been contacted about the size of your ticker/avatar/signature you will have 24 hours to make the changes, if not the moderators will alter it without your consent. Moderators will use their discretion with this rule and have the power to alter your tickers and signatures immediately if necessary. Avatar size is usually predetermined by board settings.

*Avatars/Signatures should be kept unoffensive and able to be viewed by all. If your avatar or signature is deemed distasteful, offensive or illegal in any other way by a Moderator or forum member, you may be asked to remove it. If it is not removed within 24hrs we will remove it for you.

* We will also NOT tolerate personal attacks via avatars and in signatures. If we are made aware of members creating problems through this medium they will be contacted and asked to remove the offending information. Moderators have the power to remove anything we deem offensive without consent if necessary.

10. Requesting Thread Deletion:
* The internet is a very public place, due to this fact please think carefully before posting sensitive or private issues, knowing that anybody in the world could read what you have posted. We will not delete threads or posts at members request unless we feel they are of a sensitive or private nature - at the Moderator Team's discretion. Trading Post threads however, will be deleted and/or moved on a regular basis.

11. Username changes:
* Members will be allowed only one username change. When this is done their title will be changed to "Formerly known as" for one month.

12. Title changes:
* Members are allowed a title of their choice once they reach 1000 posts. Titles may be changed more than once within reason. Titles should be kept unoffensive and be free from negative connotations regarding the forum. Moderators will have the final decision on whether a title is allowed.

13. Deactivations and Deleting of Accounts:
* Moderators will not deactivate accounts. We will however delete member's accounts and/or all posts in circumstances where post or thread is in breach of guideline and at our discretion if members wish to leave permanently. In the event that a member is banned they may email us and request a deletion of account which will again be at the moderators discretion. If a member wishes to leave the forum and does not wish for deletion of account, they are invited to use the edit function to remove the content of their posts.

14. Ghost/Alias Accounts & Shared Accounts:
* All Maternal member are entitled to only have one account. The Mod Team are aware that genuine members may wish to post personal issues anonymously and for this case we have created a special 'Just Between Us' usergroup with a specific username and password which can be used as per the usergroup rules. 'ghost/alias' accounts where additional accounts are set up by the same person will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.

15. Goodbye Threads:
* If you wish to leave the forum and would like to say goodbye to the members via a post, please PM a moderator with your message and it will be added to the locked "Goodbye Thread" created by the moderators. Private goodbye threads started by the members can cause tension and are not allowed. Please remember if you wish to be in contact with people you have created friendships with before you leave, PM them privately for their contact details.

16. Pointless Posting
* Pointless posting is not appreciated. This occurs when a member starts meaningless threads or adds meaningless posts with the apparent intention of bringing their post count up or due to boredom. Any off topic pointless posting will be deleted as it clogs the forum and makes it harder for members to search for genuine information.

First instances of this behaviour will generally result in a reminder from a Moderator. Further instances may result in an official warning. This is at the discretion of the Moderators.

17. Problems with Moderators:
* If you have a problem with something a moderator has done, and believe they have not done their job properly or abused their powers, DO NOT create a thread about it. We suggest that you firstly contact the Moderator in question and if you are still not satisfied please contact the Administrator. They will be happy to look into the matter and see if any further action is required. The Administrators decision is final. If you do start a new thread asking questions about how the moderators handled a situation, it will be locked and or removed from the main board and a warning may take place.


Moderators Rules of Conduct

1. Moderators agree to abide by the Forum Guidelines:
* Moderators will also abide by the main forum rules as all members do and will face warnings and further action if necessary which will be dealt with by the Moderator group as a whole.

2. Responding to enquiries:
* Moderators will reply to your messages (PM's) as soon as they are able and will notify you that your message has been read and is under consideration but please be aware we are not always logged in as the "Mod Team" so allow time for us to access this account.

* Moderators will endeavour to reach a conclusion regarding your message within 48 hours but usually this will happen much faster. If this is not possible we will notify you to let you know there is a delay.

3. Privacy:
* Moderators will not discuss any private information divulged to them for the purposes of Moderation, or information obtained through their moderating tasks except where it is necessary to discuss with other Moderators. All moderators have access to all areas of the forum.

4. Action Taken:
* When possible and appropriate, Moderators will decide on a suggestion or query made by a member based on a 'majority rules' vote after a group discussion. Exceptions are when an obvious rule has been broken or when there is a high level of tension on the forum and the Moderator/s online at the time feel quick action is necessary.

* If a Moderator feels there is a conflict of interest, or that they are unable to remain objective and impartial regarding decisions or discussions they will remove themselves from all votes in order for the group to be as objective as possible.

* Moderators will endeavour to give an explanation post before locking a thread to explain the reason why action has been taken. Threads may however at times be locked without explanation pending further discussion amongst Mod Team members.

New rules feedback from Mods can be found here

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