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Our word is final!
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Forum Tips

Mon Aug 24, 2009 7:14 pm

Forum Tips

1. Be Careful With Personal Information:
* Unfortunately it is a known fact that people are not always what they say they are. Think twice before giving anybody on the forum your personal contact details. Use the PM feature to exchange email addresses or telephone numbers.

2. Personal Messaging:
*Personal Messaging (PM's) may be used to contact another member in private. All the rules that apply to posting in the forum also apply to sending Private Messages. Businesses found using PM's for commercial purposes may have their membership account cancelled. If you are having problems or know of inappropriate PM's going around please let the moderators know about it. Moderators cannot automatically see members PM's.

3. Hyperlinks:
* A Hyperlink is a word that is clickable and that takes you to an outside website. If you wish to insert hyperlinks to your post, all you need to do is follow this code. here with no gaps and it will look like this here!

4. Netiquette
* Part of the internet etiquette is to not use all caps in your posts. This is seen as shouting and can often offend people as well as be harder to read. The occasional word for extra emphasis is okay. Although generally it's better to add emphasis with italics or bold - or even both!

5. Reporting Problems:
* If you experience any technical and board problems or have a question to ask regarding the forum, please leave a message in the "Board News and Feedback" section. Any problems of a sensitive nature may be reported to a moderator (Moderator Team) or to the Administrator (admin).

6. Content of Your Posts
* You remain solely responsible for the content of your posts. When you post on a public forum whether it be on the main board or in a user group please be aware it is made live and visible to some, if not all members. If the information you are posting is of an extremely sensitive nature or you regard the information as highly confidential, you should reconsider posting.  PM's, emailing or another type of instant messaging may be a better option.

7. Private Messages (PM's)
* Unread private messages (PM's) will remain in your outbox until they have been read by the receiver. Once they have read your message it will automatically go to your sent box.

8. How to post pictures and avatars
* Set up a Photobucket account.
* Upload your pictures, but make sure you resize them.
* Cut and paste the [img]tags into your post.

Or directly from Facebook:
* Right click on the photo
* Select "Copy Image Location"
* Paste the Image Location in between [img]...[/img] (make sure it ends in .jpg and isn't the url)

How to find avatar pictures:
For those that want to join in but are stuck as to how, here are some easy tips:

Go to Google images:
* Right click on the picture you want
* Select 'save picture as...' and save it to your computer.
* Then upload it here in your 'profile'.

By saving thumbnail pictures they are almost always the perfect size for an avatar and don't need to be resized.

9. Fertility Friend
* If you would like to share your fertility friend information with us, here are the instructions.

1. Get your Fertility Friend webpage address
- Log into FF
- Click on Sharing
- Then Home Page Setup
- Copy the address under 'Your Charting Home Page Web Address'

2. Paste web address into the Signature box
- Click on User Control Panel
- Click on Profile
- Click on Edit Signature
- Cut & paste the webpage address from above into the window
- Press Submit to save change in your Profile

10 Contacting the Moderators
* All the moderators are happy to be contacted directly. If a member would rather PM a moderator directly rather than the Moderator Team the moderators are more than happy with this. PMs may be responded to quicker if you PM a moderator directly rather than going through the Moderator Team.

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