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Parent swap – dangerous or a free alternative to daycare?

Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:08 pm

Has anyone heard of parent swap? I’m considering the idea and want to know what other people think about it. Basically, the concept is, existing parent/s look after your child plus their own on one day, and you do likewise for them on another day. There’s no payment – it’s a tit for tat arrangement with other parents around the neighbourhood.

I want to start my own family soon and think I would do it provided, there are safeguards in place, like meeting and getting to know the other parent, setting out a schedule for the day(s) and agreeing to a level of care that we’re both happy with. Would other people also consider this option, or am I being way too adventurous??
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Re: Parent swap – dangerous or a free alternative to daycare?

Tue Jan 14, 2014 7:34 am

I have friends who do it - they have daughters the same age and each take one day with both girls. But they were friends already, had spent lots of time together so the kids knew each other and the parents were comfortable with one another's parenting style etc.

I wouldn't rule it out, but I would need to know the person well. On the other hand, with a friend I'd be concerned about how to manage it if I wasn't comfortable with something the other parent was doing (in terms of disciplining in ways we wouldn't, allowing behaviours we don't allow etc) as it has potential to get messy. It can be easier to have those relationships at arm's length, eg formal fdc or cc arrangements.

So. Not my preferred option but I definitely don't think it's way out there as an idea either.

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